Dhar: Gold coins and jewelery worth one crore found in the excavation of the house came out of Jaipur Gharana

Dhar: Gold coins and jewelery worth one crore found in the excavation of the house came out of Jaipur Gharana

torrent, desk report. During the excavation of a house in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, gold coins worth about one crore were found by the laborers, although now this laborer is in jail and the guineas are with the police, the strings of this matter came in the headlines all over the country from Rajasthan. In fact, according to the Indore Archaeological Department, the guineas belong to the princely state of Jaipur. Although initially there was talk of connection with the Jodhpur gharana, but after investigation it has become clear that the guineas belong to the Jaipur royal family. These are 150 to 200 years old and Mughal era. Ginnias are associated with the Raja Ram Singh Gharana of Jaipur. In the Jaipur Gharana, these guineas were given the name Mohar. They were manufactured there. Sawai Jaipur was written on these guineas.

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In fact, the landlord Shivnarayan Rathod, living in Dhar, employed laborers a few days ago to make his old house a new one, during this time while the laborers were working, during excavation and breaking, gold coins and jewelery were removed from a wall of the old part of the house. The earthen pot and the urn came out, without informing anyone else, the workers distributed these gins and jewelery among themselves, but one of these laborers disclosed that they had found the gins under the influence of alcohol, after which the police arrested eight workers. Counties and jewelry were recovered. Landlord Shivnarayan Rathod says that 70 years ago his father Ramchandra had bought this house from the Desai family. The house is ancestral and is more than 100 years old. Where is the Desai family now, do not know. The family had left Dhar city and moved somewhere. The house is built in two parts on a plot of 2600 sq ft (40 by 65). The family lives in one part, the other part of 18 by 60 was dilapidated. There were wide walls made of mud. They are breaking it and making a new one. Under PM Awas Yojana, the amount was approved in January 2022. The first installment of Rs 1 lakh was received. But, mother Siddhibai passed away. That’s why the work was started 1 month ago. Now the wall and the balcony have been demolished, the foundation work is yet to be done. But before that this house spewed gold worth crores.

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At present, the owner of the house from which this gold has been found will also get a share from this buried treasure, for this the advice of experts will be taken for the time being, according to the Archaeological Survey of India, whether the treasure is found from the ground or selected in the wall, the landlord will definitely get it. . The collector of the district can decide how much share will be received. The landlord has to apply to the collector for a claim on the treasury. The collector constitutes the committee, this committee decides how much share should be given to the landlord.



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