Dewas Municipal Corporation’s hammer on illegal encroachment, encroachment removed from government land

Dewas News: At present, administrative action is being taken against illegal construction and encroachment across the state. In this series, in Dewas also the administration freed the land from encroachment. The construction done here was broken by the staff of the corporation with JCB.

This action to remove illegal encroachment was done in Subhash Chowk area of ​​Dewas. Here a person had built his own encroachment illegally. Before taking action, the administration had given notice to the encroachment person and given instructions to vacate the place.

According to the information, this person was occupying the government land and keeping stock of kitchen utensils and gas refilling here. During the action, some goods were also found from the spot. The corporation had also given 7 days time to the person concerned to vacate the place and produce proper documents.

The surprising thing is that the place where this gas refilling work was going on, there is a school next to it. In this way the lives of school children were being put in danger. The said person could not show any document related to the land to the administration, due to which this encroachment was razed to the ground.

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