Degree scam happening in Indore, more than 3 lakh registration in private college. Degree scam happening in Indore, more than 3 lakh registration in private college


degree scam indore A big news has come to the fore regarding the degree scam in Indore city. It is being told that seven private universities are running in Indore. In fact, the process of evaluation and awarding of degree along with examination of universities under the state government is done under full supervision but private colleges have been exempted from admission to examination and award of degree. In such a situation, he can decide everything from admission to giving examination and degree according to his own opinion. Because of this, private colleges talk about awarding degrees on the basis of money. Many private colleges have also been accused of this.

In fact, allegations of forgery are being leveled against such private universities which get PhD, B.Ed, LA done. Because children are not able to come to college, that’s why college people talk about giving degrees and exams for more money. Apart from this, talk about PhD, its seat in the state university is limited. Admission process also has to be done to do PhD. But there are some private colleges which are giving admission without the requirement of entrance exam and marks. Actually, for this it takes about 3 to 8 years in state universities. But private colleges give PhD degree in a hurry by showing registration of previous dates.

The number of students studying in private colleges is more than 3 lakhs.

According to the information, some such demands are also being seen in which the students do not want to take regular classes and want to get degree after passing without studying. The same is happening in the private college of Indore. Private colleges are not only giving exemption to children from attendance but also giving degrees to pass LA with arbitrary marks. This figure has come to the fore that the number of students studying in private colleges has crossed 3 lakhs. These students are studying B.Ed-M.Ed, PhD, Engineering, Management and Law from private colleges. Dhar, Jhabua, Khandwa Khargone have the maximum number of students to do this study in Indore.

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