Defamation case will be filed against those who spoil the image of Mahakal temple, temple committee takes strict steps

Ujjain News: Controversy is being witnessed in the Mahakaleshwar Temple of Ujjain these days. Sometimes there is a ruckus of devotees regarding the darshan system and sometimes some people spoil the image of the temple by making videos on film songs. Now the committee has decided to take strict action against these people who spoil the image of the temple. Now by registering an FIR against such people, a defamation case of Rs 1 crore will be filed.

After the construction of Mahakal Lok, a large number of devotees are reaching Ujjain. Even for the darshan of Bhasma Aarti, a situation of controversy seems to be forming day by day. Every day the news of black marketing in the name of Darshan is coming to the fore. After this, the administration has prepared to take strict action against those who hurt the dignity of the temple.

The administrator of the temple, Sandeep Soni, says that FIR will be lodged against those who hurt the dignity of the temple, apart from this, a case of defamation will also be filed. Mobiles have also been banned by the temple committee after the videos being prepared on Bollywood songs continuously surfaced.

According to the new rules, now no devotee will be able to carry mobile with him in the Mahakal temple. Whoever is found with the mobile will be fined. However, permission has been given to carry mobiles during Bhasma Aarti. This has been done because those who book online are issued tickets on mobile only. This ticket has to be shown before entering the temple, so this arrangement was made.

Committee took concrete steps

This strict step is being taken by the temple committee because two security personnel of the temple were seen making reels on film songs in the past. He was immediately suspended after the video of the incident surfaced and other security personnel have also been banned from keeping Android mobiles with them. Apart from this, the pandey-priests of the temple will be able to take mobile with them but will not be able to use it.

Apart from this, the devotees who are reaching the Mahakal temple to have darshan are also being cheated in the name of temple arrangements. Due to this the image of the temple and the city is deteriorating. In the last few days, by calling himself a Pandit of Mahakal temple, he cheated the devotees. Apart from collecting money in the name of Bhasm Aarti and Pujan Abhishek, cases of cheating in the name of hotels are also coming to the fore. In view of this, the committee has taken tough decisions.

Where will the mobile be deposited

The number of devotees coming to visit the Mahakal temple is increasing day by day. Earlier, where 10 to 25 thousand devotees used to come everyday, this number has now reached 50 thousand. Apart from this, this figure reaches one lakh during festivals and holidays. Arrangements to keep mobiles for such a large number of devotees will be made soon. On the other hand, the devotees who will come to have darshan in Bhasma Aarti will have to deposit their mobiles at Vishram Dham after checking the tickets.

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