Deadly attack on a young man who reached his in-laws house to pick up his wife, one seriously injured, case registered

Bhopal Crime News: In Gandhinagar police station area, the incident of assault by relatives of a young man and his brother who had gone to take back his wife has come to light. Some people fatally attacked the young man with sword and ax. The wife and brother-in-law who came to intervene in the incident were also hurt.

According to information, 24-year-old Arvind had gone to his in-laws’ house in Pardhi Mohalla to pick up his wife along with his younger brother. His younger brother was also present with him. Here relatives named Abhay, Chhotu, Badal and Chakku stopped both the brothers and started fighting. Seeing this, Arvind’s wife Nirjala and brother-in-law Balram came to intervene. Then the accused attacked with swords, ax and sticks. In the attack, Arvind’s brother was seriously injured when he was hit on the head by an ax. Apart from this, Arvind, his wife and brother-in-law were also injured in this attack.

After the incident, the matter was reported to the Gandhinagar police station on behalf of the victim. Based on the complaint, the police have detained 4 people. According to the station in-charge, on the complaint of both the parties, earlier also separate cases of rape were registered which are pending in the court. On the other hand, Chhotu and Chakku involved in the attack already have 3 cases registered.

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