Day dreaming can be harmful for you, know what the research says. Day-dreaming can be harmful for you, know what research says


Day dreaming: There are many such people around us who get lost in their thoughts while doing some work. Let us tell you that this is not a disease, it is very common and happens to many people. But it can also be a kind of disorder. This thought must be coming in your mind that when it is normal then how can this disorder happen?

You should know that some people are so engrossed in their thoughts that they do not even know about the time, where they remain engrossed in their thoughts for many hours. This is the reason why it is also called Day Dreaming Disorder. This is such a topic on which many researches have also been done, in which it has come to know that day dreaming is a kind of disorder. So let’s know about this disorder –

What is Day Dreaming Disorder?

Dreaming disorder is completely different from normal sleeping disorder because in this the person spends more than half of his waking time in the world of fantasy. This person remains lost in the world of his imagination.

According to research, 2.5% of the population is a victim of this disorder.

Let us tell you that it is also called maladaptive day dreaming. Research was done in Britain regarding this day dreaming, in which it was found that 2.5% of the world’s population is a victim of this disorder. During another study, it has been found that people who are victims of maladaptive day-dreaming automatically get lost in many types of fantasies and waste their precious time in the affair of these fantasies.

Why do people get lost in the world of thoughts?

Research has found that people who are struggling with this disorder have a different level of imagination. Let us tell you that many people have the ability to imagine since childhood. There are some people who resort to imagination to avoid stress. By daydreaming, you can be happy even in today’s bad situation. That’s why it is common in people struggling with stress and anxiety.

Day dreaming can be the cause of diseases

For your information, let us tell you that due to this disorder, you can suffer from many diseases. It has also been found in research that people suffering from day dreaming disorder also have symptoms of OCD and can also have many diseases like depression, anxiety. Due to this disorder, your mechanism may deteriorate as well as your ability to think may also become weak.

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