Dance DJ and fireworks banned in marriage, order of Maulvi

DJ and fireworks banned in marriage : It is the season of weddings and we get to see fireworks wherever a procession takes place. Along with this, DJ is also very much in trend. But in Jharkhand’s Dhanbad district, a cleric has issued an order banning DJs and fireworks at weddings. If you don’t follow this, you will be fined heavily.

Imam Maulana Masood Akhtar, head of Sibilibari Jama Masjid located in Nirsa block, has said that these are un-Islamic practices and should not happen. With this, he has issued an order to ban dance, DJ and fireworks in all weddings from December 2. He has said that all marriages will be according to the religion of Islam and during this time there will be no dance, no DJ or fireworks. On doing this, a fine of 5100 will be imposed and an apology will also have to be given in writing.

Maulana said that we have taken this decision unanimously and from now on every marriage will follow the rules of Islam completely. He said that our religion does not allow dancing, singing and other such things and this should not be done in Nikah. Along with this, a decree has also been issued that the nikar should be done before 11 pm. He said that the time after 11 pm is not good and those who violated this rule would also be fined.

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