Damoh News: On-the-spot decision in the panchayat of Patharia’s overbearing MLA, know what is the whole matter. On-the-spot decision in the panchayat of Patharia’s overbearing MLA

Damoh News: Rambai Singh, BSP MLA from Patharia in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh, is often in headlines. In this episode, once again it has become the subject of discussion in the entire district. Some pictures of the MLA have come to the fore, seeing which everyone has been stunned, which also narrates the reality of playing with the poor in the area. In fact, this time, an on-the-spot decision was taken in the panchayat of BSP MLA Rambai Singh, in which not one, not two but two dozen people were given back their bribe money and the poor who paid the bribe were given Ganga water on their heads. Had to swear Let us know what is the whole matter…

Bribe givers came forward

Actually, the whole matter is related to Ghughra village of Patharia assembly constituency. Where the sarpanch and his family members took bribes from the poor beneficiaries in the cottages of the PM’s residence which were given to the poor. As soon as the information was received, MLA Rambai Singh himself reached the village without informing the officers. The whole village gathered in the Panchayat, the Sarpanch and his family members were called. Then one by one the people who gave bribe for PM’s residence kept coming forward.

swore by pouring gangajal

Not only this, Gangajal was called to check whether these people are telling the truth or not. Then one by one the people took Gangajal on their heads and swore that how much money the sarpanch had taken. After which the MLA kept ordering and the Sarpanch kept returning the money of the people. Which was caught on camera and after an on-the-spot decision, the poor got back the amount of bribe they had given and it is expected that they would also get the PM’s house.

relief to the poor

On the other hand, the poor of a village got relief from the panchayat of a domineering MLA and these pictures have made it clear that the rights of the poor are being openly robbed. Bribery takers are not desisting from these antics even in the area of ​​Dabang MLA.

Damoh News: On-the-spot decision in Panchayat of Dabang MLA of Patharia, know what is the whole matter

Ashish Kumar Jain’s report from Damoh

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