Crude oil price crossed $84, petrol and diesel prices changed in MP, know the condition of your city

Petrol And Diesel Prices: Crude oil prices continue to rise in the international market. There has been a jump in their prices in the last 24 hours. With the increase, its prices have crossed $84. Oil companies have issued new rates of petrol and diesel. Marginal changes in retail prices have been observed in many cities. However, the fuel price in metros is still stable today. There has been a change in the price in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar today. On the other hand, a slight drop has been observed in the prices of petrol and diesel in MP today. The price of fuel is also different in different cities of the state. Somewhere there has been a decline and somewhere there has been an increase. Petrol has fallen by an average of Rs 0.09 and diesel by Rs 0.08. On the other hand, an increase in their prices was registered on the previous day. There are constant ups and downs here as well. There are also some cities where the boom has been seen.

petrol price change

There has been an increase of Rs 0.54 in Vidisha, Rs 0.74 in Singrauli, Rs 1.05 in Mandla, Rs 0.85 in Dewas. Along with this, a boom has also been seen in Ashoknagar, Betul, Bhind, Chhindwara, Guna, Jhabua, Narsinghpur, Ratlam, Satna, Shajapur, Tikamgarh and Vidisha. A decline of Rs 0.30 in Alirajpur, Rs 0.89 in Balaghat, Rs 0.64 in Dhar, Rs 0.42 in Umaria, Rs 0.43 in Sidhi, Rs 0.36 in Seoni, Rs 0.40 in Damoh has been recorded. Petrol price in Bhopal is Rs. 108.56 per liter; there is no change today. Petrol costs at Rs 109.08 per liter in Ujjain, an increase of Rs 0.07. It costs Rs 108.66 in Jabalpur, declining by 4 paise. Its price is the highest in Anupur, Rewa, Sheopur, where one liter of petrol costs more than Rs.111.

This is the condition of diesel

Diesel price in Vidisha is 50 paise, Singrauli 68 paise, Satna 0.39 paise, Ratlam 0.45 paise, Panna 0.22 paise, Mandla Rs 0.96, Khargone 39 paise, Guna 36 paise, Dewas 78 paise, Bhind In 40 paise, 42 paise in Betul, 28 paise in Ashoknagar has been registered. There has been a decline of 27 paise in Alirajpur, 82 paise in Balaghat, 34 paise in Damoh, 57 paise in Dhar, 26 paise in Morena, 22 paise in Rewa, 32 paise in Seoni, 40 paise in Sidhi and 39 paise in Umaria.

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