Country’s first gold coin ATM, gold coins will come out on pressing the button

Gold Coin ATM : We withdraw money from all ATMs. But have you ever seen an ATM that dispenses gold coins? For the first time in India, Gold Coin ATM has been installed in Hyderabad. This machine has been installed by a startup company named OpenCube Technologies. The company also offers prepaid and postpaid smart cards in addition to debit and credit cards for purchasing coins. Coins of 24 carat gold, considered the purest, will come out of this gold ATM.

According to the information, a maximum of five kg gold coins can be filled in this ATM at a time, whose current cost is Rs 3 crore. To make gold investment easier, the company has taken this initiative, after which buying gold coins will be as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM. The cardholder can withdraw coins ranging from 0.5 grams to 100 grams at a time. According to the report of Businessnet Today, the price of coins coming out from here will be decided according to the market price of that time. Means the coin can be withdrawn from the ATM at the same price as the prevailing market rate. For this, the customer can use debit or credit card and this service will be available 24×7.

There will be a system similar to a cash ATM to withdraw gold from it. You can buy coins by debit or credit card. Proceed as per the instructions given on the screen of the machine. According to your need, you have to select the gold coin and select it as an option. Then swipe the debit or credit card and the coin will pop out as the money is deducted. In this way, now it will be very easy to buy gold coins. This is the first machine of its kind in the country. Gold is seen as a reliable investment in our country and it is also associated with our traditions. In such a situation, its reliability is a priority for the customers. It has to be seen what kind of response is received regarding this ATM, because it is also the beginning of a new system. If there is a good response to this, then the company plans to install more gold ATMs in the future.

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