Corruption in transport, there will be a declaration of fight against the government tomorrow in Bhopal. Corruption in transport there will be an announcement of fight with the government tomorrow in Bhopal. bhopal news

Bhopal Transport News : Operators from all over the country have now mobilized for the illegal recovery at the checkpoints of the Transport Department, will face the media in Bhopal on Monday also and will reveal the upcoming strategy. He clearly says that now he is in the mood for a one-on-one fight with the government. Transport Department in Madhya Pradesh. There are about 3 dozen checkposts where there have been allegations of illegal recovery from commercial vehicles.

Union minister wrote a letter to the state government

It is worth mentioning that about 3 months ago, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari himself had written a letter to the state government in this regard, objecting to the illegal collection at the points. It was advised to stop it immediately, after that Transport Commissioner Mukesh Jain was transferred and new commissioner Sanjay Kumar Jha was posted, but Jha also failed to penetrate this web of corruption in the Transport Department, and the situation is that continuously Complaints of illegal extortion keep coming at these transport checkposts. Since now the operators have mobilized and are going to hold a press conference in Bhopal on Monday. He says that the Indian Road Transport Fraternity strongly opposes the rampant corruption being promoted with the help of RTOs and their agents at the border check posts of Madhya Pradesh state. This has made transport operations economically unviable, resulting not only in mass closure of operations but also loss of livelihoods.

Bhopal News: Corruption in transport, there will be a fight with the government tomorrow in Bhopal

No action was taken against the guilty officers.

Let us tell you that this issue has been raised from time to time. Wrote letters of protest, held meetings with officials and ministers but we did not get even an iota of relief. We have made repeated requests to the concerned authorities but no action has been taken against the erring officials and hence Team AIMTC has decided to launch a decisive campaign against this menace.

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