Controversial statement of Sadhvi Pragya regarding love jihad ‘Hindus should keep knives sharp in their homes’

Controversial statement of Sadhvi Pragya : Once again Sadhvi Pragya giving a controversial statement has advised Hindus to keep weapons in their homes. Speaking on Love Jihad, he said that keep the knife sharp in your house. He said that self-defense is everyone’s right and one never knows when the situation will arise. For this, Hindus have to be ready to give a befitting reply in advance.

BJP MP from Bhopal Pragya Singh Thakur was in Karnataka on Sunday. She attended the South Zone annual conference of ‘Hindu Jagran Vaidik’ held at Shivamogga here. Here, without taking the name of any particular religion, he advised the Hindus that ‘knives should be sharp even in our homes’. Sadhvi Pragya said that ‘ Those who do love jihad, give a reply like love jihad. Keep your girls safe. Cultivate your girls. Keep weapons in your house. If nothing else, keep the knife for cutting vegetables sharp. I am clearly speaking that the weapon should be sharp to cut vegetables in our homes too. They cut the skin of our Harsha with a knife, they cut the skin of our Hindu heroes with a knife. So let us also keep the knives for cutting vegetables a little sharper. Don’t know when the opportunity will come. When our vegetables are cut well, then definitely the mouths and heads of the enemies will also be cut well.

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