Contract health workers who were tied with ropes and taken to the police station, released

Bhopal Contract Health Worker: The contractual health workers who gheraoed the state Health Minister Prabhuram Chaudhary for their demands were arrested on Saturday, now after 20 hours they have been released on Sunday late evening The health worker is on strike, the contract worker wanted to talk to the State Health Minister Prabhuram Chowdhary, who reached JP Hospital on Saturday, to place his demand in front of him, but the situation became such that the minister had to run from the spot, later the opportunity Habibganj police reached but arrested the protesting contract health workers, policemen tied about 10 contract workers and brought them to the police station, this incident was fiercely opposed by contract health workers in the entire state.

There was a protest against the incident

On the incident of bringing contract health workers to the police station by tying them with ropes, the Congress also called it barbarism, while the health workers in the entire state protested against this incident, although 2 of the 10 contract workers arrested were released on bail yesterday by the police. But the remaining 8 contract workers were released on Sunday evening. After which his colleagues welcomed him by garlanding him with flowers and warned the government that he would now give more momentum to his movement.

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