Contract Health Employees Union pays tribute to PM Modi’s mother Hiraba, indefinite strike will continue

Tribute paid by striking employees to Hiraba Expressing grief over the death of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother Hiraba, the Contractual Health Employees Union today paid a collective tribute to her. They garlanded his picture and kept silence for two minutes. Tribute programs were organized in all the districts. A tribute meeting was organized at Jaypee Hospital in Bhopal. Tell that 32000 employees in all the districts of the state including Bhopal are on indefinite strike from December 15.

The first of their two major demands is the regularization of all the employees and the second demand is that the outsourced support staff and expelled employees removed from the National Health Mission should be reinstated immediately. They have said that till these two demands are not accepted, the indefinite strike will continue and the administration will be responsible for the services affected in the meanwhile. They have said that from 2013 till today, whatever orders have been issued by the administration regarding the legitimate demands and appreciation letters have been given to the employees, they will protest by burning them.

Jitendra Bhadoria, State Executive President of Contractual Health Employees Union and State Vice President Komal Singh have said that the government is paying such a low honorarium that it is becoming difficult for the employees to live in the low salary due to inflation. In 2018, it was said by the Honorable Chief Minister that ‘the contract is an exploitative system, it will be abolished soon’ but till date it has not been implemented. He said that it was announced by Health Minister Prabhu Ram Chaudhary in 2021 that the demands of contractual employees would be met in 15 days, but that announcement is still incomplete. That is why the employees are sitting on strike and till the orders are not issued, the indefinite strike will continue.

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