Construction of Dhaturia Bridge will start soon, bridge department floats tender

Mandsaur News: The Dhaturia Bridge built on the Chambal river between Sitamau and Chowmahla was washed away in the flood in the year 2019. Lakhs of people were getting upset due to the absence of this bridge connecting the two states. But now tenders have been called after taking out the revised estimate, after which the construction work of the bridge will be resumed.

18.94 crore was sanctioned by the state government for the construction of this bridge, but due to SOR, the cost of this bridge has reached 23 crore. In view of the rising cost, the officials sent the revised statement to the administration and as soon as the approval was received, the bridge department floated tenders. As soon as the tender is passed, the process of getting rid of the problems faced by the public will start.

This 330 meter long and 12 meter wide bridge will save people an extra round trip of 50 to 60 kilometers and will provide convenience in traffic. Now, if someone wants to go to Chaumahla from Sitamau, he has to go via Suwasra or Alot. In this extra journey of 50 to 60 kms both time and money is wasted. At the same time, due to the absence of the bridge, the business of the farmers of the nearby villages is also getting affected.

In 2019, this bridge was washed away in the flood, taking lessons from it, a submersible bridge is going to be built this time. The bridge department says that if a flood situation arises, the water will flow over the bridge but it will not be harmed. The height and width of the seed has been kept the same as in the old bridge.

Please tell that this bridge connects the borders of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. After the construction of the bridge, trade and business activities will be able to run faster in both the provinces. At present, lakhs of people will get relief from the problems they are facing due to traffic.

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