Congressmen clashed and slapped each other, video went viral

Congressmen clashed and slapped each other, video went viral

New Delhi, Desk Report. In Uttar Pradesh these days internal discord is going on in the party. There is a lot of factionalism here. Opposing this factionalism was overshadowed by the state’s minority general secretary. Seeing their protest, the party district president and his supporters started fighting and scuffles. The workers intervened and pacified both the parties. Meanwhile, the video of the fight went viral on social media, after which the party is being made fun of.

This is not the first case of any party related to Azamgarh. Here in BJP and Samajwadi Party similar actions have taken place. During the program of the Bharatiya Janata Party, a case of scuffle with the senior party worker on behalf of the district president had come to the fore.

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Let us inform that in the party meeting on August 28, National Secretary in-charge Uttar Pradesh Satyanarayan Patel and other veteran leaders were present. During this, the Minority State General Secretary stood up and started speaking about the factionalism and arbitrariness going on in the party in the district.

Seeing him speaking all this, the party’s outgoing district president Praveen Singh and his supporters started quarreling. The quarrel gradually turned into a scuffle and the matter reached to a fight. The people present there intervened and got the matter pacified.

After the video went viral, there was panic in the party. Officials and big leaders are not ready to say anything. In the matter, the SP’s district spokesperson says that this is an internal matter of the Congress, but this incident is unfortunate.

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