Congress party’s strong action, councilor was shown the way out for 6 years

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Guna News: Taking strict action against Councilor Sachin Dhuria from Ward No. 34 of Guna Municipality, the Congress has shown him the way out. District President Harishankar Vijayvargiya expelled Sachin from Congress membership for 6 years following instructions from the senior leadership of the party, terming his conduct as gravely objectionable.

In fact, in the first conference of Guna Municipality held on 27 September 2022, Sachin Dhuria had voted contrary to the party’s guideline. After this, Sachin retracted the next day even from the clarification given during the discussion with Leader of Opposition Shekhar Vashisht. Leader of Opposition Shekhar Vashisht had informed the district president and senior leadership about Sachin’s contradictory attitude. Congress district president Harishankar Vijayvargiya has told that councilor Sachin has been found guilty of indiscipline. His explanation was also contradictory. Coming in front of the media, he was arguing that he has supported the BJP and the Municipal President to get the development work done in the ward. This argument is also baseless because the whole world knows that if there is any party which does development then it is Congress.

Sachin Dhuria had supported the Municipal President because of his personal interests. Even after this, Leader of Opposition Shekhar Vashishtha and senior leader Bitu Raghuvanshi tried to pacify him. But loyalty has continued to waver. Keeping all these circumstances in mind, strict disciplinary action has been taken against Sachin and he has been expelled from the membership of the party for 6 years. In this way, an attempt has been made by the Congress to give a strong message that the party will take the strictest action against those who go against the guidelines of the organization.

It is worth mentioning that the game of notice is currently going on in the ruling party BJP and it has not been able to show the courage to oust the councilors doing activities contrary to the party. In such a situation, by taking this action, the Congress has shown that discipline and the orders of the party’s top leadership are paramount for them. Numbers don’t matter.
Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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