Congress encircles electricity office in Jabalpur, protests against cutting electricity connection at midnight

Jabalpur Congress surrounded the electricity office: In Jabalpur, Congress workers gheraoed the Electricity Department on Saturday, M.P. According to Saurabh Nati Sharma, president of the Congress Electricity Redressal Cell, the supply of electricity to the consumers was stopped by the Electricity Department keeping all the rules and regulations in check. Section 56 of the Electricity Supply Code of the Electricity Department clearly mentions that if the supply of a consumer is to be interrupted, it is mandatory to issue a notice of 15 days to the Electricity Department. But no notices were issued by the department to any consumers. The last date for depositing the bill to the consumer, the complainant Sandeep Shukla, who has submitted the complaint in the police station, is December 9, 2022. But the electricity department had cut off the lights of his house eight days back.

It may be noted that a few days ago in the Aadhartal area of ​​the city, the electricity department raided the homes of the consumers who did not deposit their bills at midnight and tried to disconnect their electricity connections, after which people informed the Congress workers who reached the spot. The Congress alleges that the electrical worker whom we saw cutting the light by climbing a pole on a moving line was also not an authorized employee. The work was being done by the line men by making that untrained person climb the pole and that person did not even have any letter to climb the pole. This was confirmed by the line man himself. The Congress has alleged that the entire episode shows how D.E.Rabindra Patail and J.E. Ravindra Kaushal committed the crime by flouting all the rules and regulations and disturbed the privacy of common people in the dark of night, FIR was lodged against these two officers on this entire episode. Regarding the demand for registration, copies of the entire rules have been sent to Adhartal T.I. Gave it to and F.I.R. Registration was requested.

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