Commendable step of Ujjain Municipal Corporation, officers will soon visit in electric vehicles

Ujjain News: Ujjain Municipal Corporation is going to take a big step with the intention of reducing environmental pollution. Electric vehicles are now going to be made available to the officers of the corporation. This will not only reduce the cost of petrol and diesel, but it will also be a commendable step for environmental pollution.

At present, the officers of the corporation have 26 vehicles which run on petrol diesel. It costs 8 to 10 rupees per kilometer to run them. With the help of electric vehicle, this cost will directly reach Re 1 per kilometer. Recently, after a jugaad done by the workshop in-charge of the corporation, the commissioner has instructed all the officers to make a plan to give electric vehicles.

Let the workshop in-charge Vijay Goyal remove the engine of the old garbage car and convert it into an electric vehicle with the help of two batteries. It is running up to 180 kilometers after being charged once daily. At the same time, according to the calculation, it was revealed that Rs 600 is being spent to drive 60 kilometers in a petrol diesel vehicle, while this cost is only Rs 60 for an electric vehicle. With this the pollution will be very less, in view of which now the vehicle branch of the corporation has started functioning. Now soon electric vehicles will be prepared for the officers in which they will be seen touring.

In this episode, the corporation is also talking to electric vehicle companies and emphasis is being laid on making vehicles available in bulk. The municipal corporation is going to get another benefit with the reduction in pollution when vehicles are used. Due to pollution, carbon credit amount is deposited by every municipal corporation. Those credits can be sold to other cities when pollution is reduced. Big cities buy this credit, the amount of which goes up to lakhs of rupees.

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