CM Shivraj Singh made this appeal on “Gwalior Gaurav Diwas”, reviewed the preparations. CM Shivraj Singh appealed for lighting lamps from house to house on “Gwalior Gaurav Diwas” organized on the occasion of Atal ji’s birthday on 25th December

Gwalior Gaurav Divas: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that after the fog cleared on the birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, son of Gwalior Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the celebration of Gwalior Pride Day on December 25, the district administration has started preparing for it. Singh Chouhan also reviewed the preparations through video conferencing, he appealed to the residents of Gwalior to light lamps and lights at their homes on 25 December.

Gwalior Pride Day will be held on 25 December

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday is celebrated as Good Governance Day on December 25 in the whole country, it was decided in the past that “Gwalior Pride Day” will be celebrated on this day, Gwalior District Administration started preparations for it. But suddenly the information about the postponement of the program to be held at Maharaj Bada spread rapidly in the city, which started protesting.

Speculation stopped after Pawaiya’s displeasure

On Friday, during the day, former minister Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya posted an indignant and warning post on social media, after which there was panic and in a hurry, the Collector held a press conference in the evening and announced that Atal “Gwalior Gaurav Divas” will be celebrated on 25th December on the birthday of ji, that too will be celebrated at Maharaj Bada only. Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh clarified that we had not canceled the program, but had changed its location in view of the winter, but now the feedback has been received that if the winter is not so much, then the program will be held at Maharaj Bada only.

Instructions of CM Shivraj – “Gwalior Pride Day” should be unprecedented

After the decision to celebrate Gwalior Gaurav Diwas on December 25 itself, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan suddenly spoke to the officials of the Gwalior district administration through video conference from his residence on Friday night. He instructed the administrative officials that Sagar, Indore, Dewas, Pride Day programs have been organized in a better way in Datia etc. cities. Similarly, the Pride Day of Gwalior should also be organized in a grand and better manner in an unprecedented manner and with complete preparations.

Appeal to reach Maharaj Bada in maximum numbers

The Chief Minister has said that the program to celebrate Pride Day of various cities in the state is being done in an unprecedented manner. Gwalior should not lag behind. Shivraj said that people from all over Gwalior should gather in maximum numbers at Maharaj Bada, the venue of the programme. Atal ji is revered by all of us, that’s why a large number of people come to the program to pay tribute to Atal ji on Gwalior Gaurav Divas. People from different sections, organizations and professions should be present in maximum numbers in the programme.

These officers were present in the meeting

During the review meeting, Gwalior Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh, IG (ADGP) Gwalior Range D Shri Niwas Verma, SP Amit Sanghi, Municipal Corporation Commissioner Kishore Kanyal, BJP Gwalior District President Abhay Chaudhary, Rural District President Kaushal Sharma were present, Chief Minister instructed Special care should be taken that all the preparations are completed before the time of the lamp.

CM Shivraj Singh "Gwalior Pride Day" But this appeal, reviewed the preparations

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan appealed

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed that on December 25, the birthday of former Prime Minister and dear son of Gwalior Bharat Ratna revered Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the people of Gwalior should light up their homes and light lamps. He is a dear and ideal leader not only of Gwalior but of the whole country, we have to celebrate his birthday as Gaurav Diwas while feeling proud.

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