CM Shivraj pokes fun at Rahul Gandhi regarding Gujarat results, says ‘Congress should not have to take out the Khojo Yatra’

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CM Shivraj on Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has described BJP’s unprecedented victory in Gujarat as an ‘unimaginable great victory’. He said that this victory shows the trust and faith of the people towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Along with this, he took a jibe at the Congress and said that now Rahul Gandhi may not have to take out ‘Congress Khojo Yatra’. Along with this, he announced that ‘we have also started preparing for 2023’.

CM Shivraj said that ‘BJP’s victory in Gujarat is not just a victory, it is an unprecedented and unimaginable great victory. This is the storm of development and public welfare, in which Congress and other parties have been swept away. We express our gratitude to the people of Gujarat for this immense, unprecedented and record breaking victory. The dust of the Congress has been cleared! Now Rahul Gandhi ji will not have to take out ‘Congress Khojo Yatra’. This great victory is a manifestation of people’s love, faith and reverence for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, the country will continuously move forward, create new paradigms of development and also show the way to the world. Now we have also started preparing in Madhya Pradesh.

Enthused by the results of the Gujarat Assembly elections, the Chief Minister said that we too have started preparations for 2023 and are confident that we will repeat the same victory in Madhya Pradesh. He said that under the leadership of Modi ji, the country will continuously move forward and create new paradigms of development. The CM said that Gujarat’s victory has proved that Modi ji is really a Kalpavriksha and people have immense respect for him. Gujarat’s development model is showing the way to the country. He said that the reduction of Congress to such a small number of seats proves what their real position is. This is an unprecedented and wonderful victory for the BJP. At the same time, he expressed confidence that by evening the picture of Himachal Pradesh will also be clear and BJP will form the government there too.

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