Christmas Kids Special: Kids did amazing dance on ‘Jingle Bell’ song, video went viral. Children did amazing dance on the song ‘Jingle Bell’, video went Viral

Christmas Kids Special: The Christmas festival is celebrated with great pomp every year on 25 December. In this episode, the fervor of the festival is being seen in every church today. Actually, on this day the Lord Jesus Christ of Christian society was born. It is also known as Bada Din. This festival, which is celebrated with enthusiasm in western countries, is now being celebrated as a big festival in India as well. On this day people go to the church from early morning and pray in front of Lord Jesus Christ by lighting candles. They feed each other sweets and also distribute gifts. From the morning of 25 December, children, elders all share happiness by feeding each other cakes. Cake also has special significance on this day. In this episode, a video of children dancing on the song Jingle Bells is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Christmas Kids Special: Children did amazing dance on the song 'Jingle Bell', video went viral

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It is seen in the video that some children are dancing on the song Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, which is being well liked by the people, which they are also enjoying very much. This video has been shared on Twitter on the handle of Mother’s Vision Classes. It was told that a group of children had a wonderful Christmas celebration to the tune and theme of Jingle Belly. Meanwhile, his Santa also makes an entry in the middle. So let’s first watch that video, then we will tell you about it…

The life of Jesus Christ gives a message of kindness, love and peace. The festival of Christmas is not a festival celebrated in the realm of religion but in the realm of humanity. The compilation of what Lord Jesus said is in the Bible but the compilation of the life he lived is in the memories of humanity. The culture of India is a culture of monism. In such a situation, the Christmas festival in India shows cultural unity.

Christmas Kids Special: Children did amazing dance on the song 'Jingle Bell', video went viral

There is unity among all religions

Everyone irrespective of religion, caste and creed celebrates this festival together. If we see in Indian literature, then its hypothesis is the best. When God is prayed unitedly, then he is Advaita, therefore Isha may have been born on the land of Jerusalem, but she is equally worshipable and valid in the land of India. The celebration of this festival in India is a symbol of the fact that India is a country where there is unity and cultural love among all religions.

Christmas Kids Special: Children did amazing dance on the song 'Jingle Bell', video went viral

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