Christmas 2022: The life of “Lord Jesus” gives the message of kindness, love and peace. Christmas 2022: Christmas festival of dedication, harmony and love

Christmas 2022: Christmas festival is being celebrated all over the world on 25 December. The life of Jesus Christ gives a message of kindness, love and peace. The festival of Christmas is not a festival celebrated in the realm of religion but in the realm of humanity. The compilation of what Lord Jesus said is in the Bible but the compilation of the life he lived is in the memories of humanity. The culture of India is a culture of monism. In such a situation, the Christmas festival in India shows cultural unity.

Birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Peace

Lord Jesus, the Messiah of humanity incarnated on this earth when humanity was under attack. Religious disharmony was at its peak. Fighting for their respective principles, fighting and bloodshed were common. In such times Jesus Christ, the Messiah of peace was born. In the midst of the bloodthirsty Roman Empire, Jesus came to earth as a peacemaker. He gave a direction to the directionless humanity. He showed the right path to the misguided people and sacrificed his life for humanity. His last words were ‘Lord please forgive them because they do not know what they are doing’.

Celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ on December 25 started in the third century.

The compilation of what Christ said is in the Bible. But the compilation of what he lived is in the memories of humanity. This is the reason why in the beginning the people of Christianity were not of the same opinion about the birth of Jesus Christ, some used to say 14th December, some used to celebrate his birthday on 10th June, and some used to celebrate his birthday on 2nd February. By the third century, the birthday of Jesus Christ was celebrated on 25 December.

Christmas: Manifestation of India’s Cultural Unity

Christmas is a manifestation of India’s cultural unity. Everyone irrespective of religion, caste and creed celebrates this festival together. If we see in Indian literature, the concept of Advaita is the best. When the prayer of God is done with unity, then it is Advaita. That’s why Isha may have been born on the land of Jerusalem, but she is equally worshipable and valid in the land of India. The celebration of this festival in India is a symbol of the fact that India is a country where there is cultural unity and cultural love among all religions.

respect of all religions on the land of india

Many religions were born on the land of India, but those religions which were not born in India also get respect here. That’s why Christmas is also associated with the cultural unity of India. The Christian community visits churches on this day and bows before the Lord Jesus. Non-Christian brothers celebrate holidays on this day. Have a picnic and wish each other Merry Christmas. Many countrymen wear caps like Santa Claus, it is a symbol of cultural unity of India.

Christmas festival is an occasion to exchange our feelings. Lord Jesus, the son of God, has given the message of love and brotherhood. That’s why we can celebrate this day as a symbol of unity of humanity. Let us join together in the joy of the birth of Christ. – Praveen Kakkar from Bhopal

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