Chindwara News: Prisoner accused of murder escaped from district hospital, special team is searching. Prisoner accused of murder absconded from Chindwara district hospital, special team is searching

Chindwara News

Chindwara News: The news of absconding of a prisoner accused of murder who came to Chhindwara district hospital for treatment has come to the fore recently. It is being told that seeing the opportunity on Sunday night, the accused escaped by breaking the window glass of the jail ward. As soon as the police came to know about this, they immediately increased the security to find him. But till now no one has been able to trace him.

According to information, an accused was arrested and lodged in jail in connection with the murder on suspicion of witchcraft. In such a situation, due to sudden ill health, he was kept in the jail ward of the district hospital but he escaped, the name of the prisoner has been told as Mukesh Salam. In the month of July, this accused was jailed in a murder case.

But since then this accused was being repeatedly shifted to the jail ward of the district hospital. This was being done because of being sick again and again. The same was done on Sunday as well. But this accused escaped from there by breaking the glass of the ward on Sunday night. Now the police team is in search of this accused.

Although nothing has been known about him yet, but the police team has formed a special team along with increasing the security. Jailer Yajuvendra Waghmare has told about this matter that he was informed at one o’clock in the night. A special team was sent in search of this prisoner. Till now that prisoner is being searched. Both the police and the jail administration are involved in this.

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