Chaupal of MP Pragya Thakur, warned the officials, adopted an orphan child

Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur: Bhopal MP Sadhvi Pragya Singh installed ‘Sansad Chaupal’ at Berasia Nagar and Tarawali village on Monday. During this, his angry attitude was seen, on the spot he warned the officials, in fact the MP got angry when the power line was not shifted in Berasia. He also reprimanded the officer of the electricity company from the stage itself. People also reached Taravali with many problems. During this, MP Pragya has also talked about adopting an 8-year-old orphan child from Berasia.

MP will adopt an orphan child
During the MP Chaupal in Berasia, MP Thakur talked about adopting an orphan child. The child’s father had killed the mother. Now station in-charge Girish Tripathi is taking care of the child. 8-year-old Yuvraj is a resident of Berasia.

People surrounded the officials in front of the MP

During the Chaupal of MP Pragya Thakur, she came to know that 1100 KVA power line has passed in Ward-13 of Berasia, which is very low. Because of this many people have fallen prey to it. For the last one year, people have been raising the demand to shift the line, but it could not be shifted. There was so much displeasure among the local people about this matter that the people surrounded the officers in front of MP Thakur in MP Chaupal. Not only complained to the MP, but also introduced the people injured due to electrocution. A girl also reached the stage on this occasion. Whose hand was badly injured. The girl cried while narrating her pain.

MP warned

Seeing the burnt hand of the girl, the MP reprimanded the officials. Some people also reached such that they came in the grip of power line and they had problems like hearing and speaking. MP Pragya warned the officials that the problem of the line should be rectified soon, otherwise be ready for action.

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