Central government’s big preparation for daily wage workers, will get DA-living wage! Ministry of Labor gave instructions to officers, increase in salary is possible. Central Government’s big preparation for daily wage workers, will get DA-Living Wage, Ministry of Labor gave instructions to officials, salary increase up to 25 percent possible

Employees-Labor Living Wages: Now the central government can take a big decision for the workers and laborers of the country. Preparations are being made for this. The Ministry of Labor should also consider changing the definition of minimum wages. Along with this, it can now be considered to give living wage instead of minimum wage to the employees.

This planning is being done to bring the laborers out of the poverty line and to improve their standard of living. The Ministry of Labor is considering giving living wage instead of minimum wage. Thoughts and brainstorming have also started on this process. Hopes are also being expressed to seek help from the International Labor Organization in this matter.

25 percent increase in minimum wages is possible

According to the Economic Times news, the officials have been instructed by the Ministry of Labor to prepare the evaluation report. Its profit and loss will be evaluated. Help has also been sought from the United Nations to complete this scheme soon and to understand the Living Wage. The advantage of this would be that the laborers would be given fixed income in exchange for work. On the other hand, if living wage is approved in India, an increase of 25 percent can be seen in the minimum wages of the workers.

Possibility of change in allowance

Tell that at present 22.89 crore people are living below the poverty line in the country. Changes can be made in the allowance given to the poor. The benefit of which will be seen in his salary. If the officials are to be believed, keeping in view the rising inflation, preparations are being made for this change regarding the salary of the labourers. With the approval of this scheme, the benefit of dearness allowance can also be made available to the daily wage workers.

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