Celebration celebrated on the release of fearless Gundaraj, gangster Mukhtar Malik’s son in Bhopal

Bhopal News: In the capital these days, goons and miscreants are seen doing bullying without any fear. The situation is that here someone is showing stunts on the streets and somewhere after coming out of jail someone is being welcomed with fireworks. One such case has come to the fore recently.

A day earlier, goon Zubair Maulana was seen performing stunts on the streets of Bhopal. At the same time, the son of gangster Mukhtar Malik was welcomed with fireworks after his release from jail. Not only this, he was taken to the house with a convoy of open jeeps and luxury vehicles. This convoy passed through the BRTS dedicated lane on which common vehicles are prohibited and fireworks were done on the way. During this, other drivers passing through the road looked scared.

breaking the rules

The way the gangster’s son is taken home celebrating after being granted bail. This is a complete violation of bail rules. If the police want, registering a case on this, they can also apply for cancellation of bail in the court. However, now what cognizance is taken in this matter will be a matter to be seen.

this is the case

Siddharth Bhushan, a 20-year-old BTech student from Piplani, had arrived to participate in a celebrity event organized by the college. Then Mukhtar Malik’s son Yasin Malik arrived with his partner Yash and ran to kill Siddharth while abusing him. When Siddharth ran, they caught him and beat him fiercely. After this, they started beating him by sitting in his car and Yasin was seen putting his hand in his pocket and saying that if he shouts more, he will kill him. It beat it up, took it towards the old city and dumped it at Ratnagiri Square in the evening. Yasin Malik was sent to jail on this charge.

Not only this, a case has also been registered against Siddharth. Which has been made on the basis of the information of B.Com student studying in her college. This student told that she was sitting with Yasin and Yash, then Siddharth came there and started abusing her saying that she is sitting with friends, if she is found alone, I will kill her.

Abhishek, a B.Tech student in the same college, has accused Yasin and Yash of assaulting them. He said that he was sitting in the canteen when some boys passed by. His arm had collided with a boy and when he went out of the canteen, Yash and Yasin beat him up with belts and kicked and punched him. On this basis also, the police has made a case.

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