Case of love jihad surfaced in Neemuch, the accused took away the innocent

Neemuch News: Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh often remains in media headlines. In this episode, the case of Love Jihad has come to the fore under Ratangarh police station of Neemuch district. Where the village Lohariya Chundawat father has eloped with the Hindu girl of Divyang mother poor from the village Alori Garwada. In the case, the Sarva Hindu Samaj along with the family members has submitted a memorandum to the SP at the Ratangarh police station. At the same time, there is an atmosphere of resentment among the villagers. Whose complaint has been made by Manju Bai in Luharia Chundawat Police Station Ratangarh. Let us know what is the whole matter…

Case of love jihad surfaced in Neemuch, the accused took away the innocent

Mother filed a report

Actually, the case is of Ratangarh police station under Neemuch district. Where Manju Bai lodged the report. Along with this, he told the media that on December 29, Rehan Khan, a resident of Alori Garbada, took my daughter away by coaxing. He may have wrong relationship with my daughter. At the same time, the girl’s mother expressed fear that Rehan Khan can convert my daughter’s religion. He is not able to know anything. That’s why I got it done at Ratangarh police station. I appeal to the police that before any incident happens with my daughter, they should bring her to me.

Sarva Hindu Samaj demanded

Please inform that in this incident, Sarva Hindu Samaj along with the family has demanded that action should be taken against the above criminals as soon as possible and the said accused should be arrested within 24 hours. Not only this, he further warned that if no concrete action is taken soon in the matter, then the Hindu society of Javad Vidhansabha will protest indefinitely.

Javad SDOP gave information

While giving information to the media, Javad SDOP Ramkumar Tilak Malaviya said that a case has been registered under Naya Gaon Chowki regarding the missing girl. I have reached Ratangarh police station regarding the investigation of the above matter. Proper guidelines have been given regarding the matter and the search for the accused has been started by forming different teams. At the same time, some persons related to the case have been rounded up at the police station, whose interrogation is going on.

Kamlesh Sarda’s report from Neemuch

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