Bride died on stage, attack during varmala

Amidst the happiness of marriage in a house in Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh, such a thing happened that everyone was stunned, in fact the bride died suddenly on the Jaimala stage. When the procession arrived at the door, the women sang welcome songs in joy. The rituals and customs were all going very well, but in the meantime, when the jaimala started, suddenly the bride fell on the stage in such a faint that she could not get up again.

something happened during the ritual

It is being told that Shivangi, daughter of Rajpal, a resident of Bhadwana village, was married on Friday night. The procession had come from Buddheshwar in Lucknow. When the procession reached the door, there was happiness on everyone’s faces. After the breakfast, when the Dwar Puja started, the Baratis were dancing with joy due to the hospitality of the Janatis. The atmosphere was pleasant, there was a lot of laughter and laughter from both sides, there was an atmosphere of happiness all around, the groom was waiting for his bride on the Varmala stage. On the other side, the bride was also moving forward with her friends in a red dress with garlands in her hands. Suddenly the bride reached the stage. Both the bride and groom were about to garland each other. Then suddenly the bride fell unconscious. Seeing this, there was chaos.

As soon as the bride fell on the stage, there was a stir, the relatives present there immediately picked up the bride and took her to the community health center for treatment, where the doctors declared the groom dead. As soon as this news spread among the people, everyone was surprised, along with the bride’s side, the people of the groom’s side also broke down crying.

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