Boyfriend shot dead his girlfriend, burnt the body and threw it in the forest

Tanu Kurre murder case After the Shraddha Walkar murder, once again a sensational case of murder in a love affair has come to the fore. Tanu Kurre, a resident of Korba district of Chhattisgarh, was shot dead by her boyfriend. After this, for fear of being caught, his body was doused with petrol and set on fire. The accused had taken his girlfriend to Odisha, and killed her there. After this, the dead body was set on fire and thrown in the forest.

Tanu Kurre, 26, worked in a private bank in Raipur. In the year 2019, he met a young man named Sachin Aggarwal in the bank itself. Slowly they became friends and then this friendship turned into love. Tanu had also told her family members about Sachin. Recently on November 21, Tanu left for Balangir Odisha with Sachin Agarwal. It is being said that the accused had taken Tanu on the pretext of meeting his family members. Since then Tanu’s family members could not contact her. It is being said that after reaching Odisha, Sachin did not allow Tanu to talk to his family members. But after the murder, to mislead his family members, he kept talking to them on chat. The accused shot Tanu dead and then doused her body with petrol and set it on fire. He left the dead body in the forest and ran away.

Here, after not being able to talk to Tanu, her family lodged a missing report in Raipur. Raipur police started investigation and only then came to know that a charred body was found in Balangir. On the basis of the photo, the dead body was identified as Tanu Kurre. After this the Balangir police started investigating the matter and its first suspect went to Sachin Agarwal. Here Sachin Agarwal was constantly changing his location. He was trying to escape to Kolkata but finally the police arrested him. According to the police, during interrogation, the accused has accepted the murder of Tanu. It is also learned that he suspected that Tanu was having an affair with someone else and that is why he committed the heinous crime of murder in a fit of rage.

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