Boyfriend proposed girlfriend in degree ceremony, now have to listen

Boyfriend proposed girlfriend in degree ceremony : A boy proposed a girl. This may sound beautiful, but now the boy is getting a lot of flak for it. This is happening because the boy’s timing was wrong. The boy proposed his girlfriend on a special day to make it memorable. But in this affair, he forgot that whether he is stealing that special moment of the girl’s life. The day when the girl was to be appreciated, she was left behind because of this proposal.

This is the case of Latrobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Its video is now going viral on social media. Actually it was a degree ceremony where the girl is getting her graduation degree in the university. The girl is on stage and she just got her degree. Before she can express her happiness, her boyfriend comes there. On the stage itself, he expresses his love in front of everyone by sitting on his knees and says ‘I love you with all my heart’. With this he proposes the girl. It is a loving moment for many, but a well-known writer has scolded the boy for this.

Feminist commentator and writer Clementine Ford has shared this video on her Facebook account and in this she is expressing her displeasure over the boy’s act. They say that doing so is not romantic from anywhere. It was the moment of the girl who was stolen by the boy. He said that this is the theft of the most special moment of the girl’s life. She has graduated. We do not know under what circumstances she would have reached the university and this moment in her life would have come. But he has earned it and he has every right to live it. This is a moment that will not come again in his life. Why do men do this..when a girl achieves something for herself and when it should be her talk, they put themselves in that place. The boy thought that by proposing on the day his girlfriend graduated, he would make it special in that sense only. She will remember that day for the rest of her life because she was proposed, not because she graduated. With this, Clementine advised the girl that she should never marry this boy. Many other people are also expressing their displeasure over this act of the boy and are saying that it is totally wrong to do this.

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