BJP’s co-media in-charge was attacked in Morena, the miscreants tried to break the lock of the vehicle. BJP’s co-media in-charge attacked, read full news

Morena News : In Morena city hooliganism, rioting has increased to such an extent that even the workers and leaders of big parties are not being spared. Actually, today once again the miscreants have carried out another incident. At the same time, the media in-charge says that the police should first investigate these people with CCTV cameras, then I will go and get the nominated report done, so let’s know what is the whole matter…

try to break the lock

The matter is of last night when BJP’s co-media in-charge Sanjay Dandotia reached Morena from Datia. At the time when Sanjay was leaving his car in front of the old collectorate to go to his private residence, Ramnagar Morena, then two bike riding miscreants came and lightly touched the bike in the car, in which Sanjay said drive carefully. . Just hearing this, the bike riders stopped the car and started abusing and trying to open the car with their hands. In a short while, 3 to 4 bike riders came there, who surrounded Sanjay’s entire vehicle. Then people there kept trying to break the lock of the car loudly.

The miscreants had a katta

On the other hand, Sanjay told that a bike rider who told his name as Bhola Pandit was saying that, I am a resident of Nagra village and I will not leave you till Ramnagar. Not only this, Sanjay Dandotia told that these people also had kattas, but these miscreants took out these kattas and waved them in the air just to scare them. When Sanjay escaped from there, these miscreants followed him till his house. Some people were gathered outside his house, seeing whom the miscreants fled from there.

Nitendra Sharma’s report from Morena

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