BJP leader’s taunt-Rahul Priyanka is running, Digvijay is falling, Kharge is waiting for instructions and.. | MP BJP leader Hitesh Vajpayee’s taunt on Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, Attack on Digvijay Singh and Kamal Nath also

MP BJP: Madhya Pradesh BJP spokesperson Dr. Hitesh Vajpayee’s big statement has come to the fore amidst former Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s visit to India. Taking a jibe at the Congress, Hitesh Vajpayee said that the present is not giving many answers, but what time will do in the future remains to be seen. But the 125 year old party becoming directionless and barren is also a matter of study in which Rahul, Priyanka and Vadra are running but Digvijay Singh is falling, Kamal Nath is getting tired and Kharge is waiting for instructions. While the common worker is running behind in hope with a track suit and his Fortuner.

Dr. Hitesh Vajpayee said that finding possibilities of power by playing with the sentiments of the people is an old pastime of the Congress. I wish Jairam Ramesh had seen the roads of his colleague Digvijay Singh’s era, he might have understood the misrule given by the Congress. The curiosity of the common people and the hopes of the diplomatic Congressmen for power have only been seen so far.

Dr. Hitesh Vajpayee said that the caravan passes and leaves behind a cloud of dust and the question whether this Rahul bhai has the sense to do something for the public or not. The common man also feels pity that this is the Congress which Mahatma Gandhi understood the value of salt and wearing khadi clothes came out on the streets and fought for tax free salt for the common citizen. He understood the need of the poor. There is not a single visionary policy decision coming out of this yatra to fulfill any concrete need, which is going to bring a decisive change in the life of the village, the poor, the farmer or the jawan.

their fate will sneeze

Dr. Hitesh Vajpayee said that in a time of inflation, Rahul ji is definitely going abroad by spending 500 crores, which will have any conclusion for the common life. Well, Congress workers have been in power for twenty years in the state. If he is out of the Congress, then he is hopeful that his luck will be sneeze. Also, many analysts who are supporters of Congress are also expecting this visit of Rahul to be fruitful in the elections.

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