BJP Hatred: Sonia Gandhi Criricises Modi Government For Misusing Every Power To Dismantling Constitution

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Sonia Gandhi showed her attitude before the Karnataka assembly elections. (Photo Credit: News Nation)


  • In an article, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi made scathing attacks on the Modi government
  • Congress ready to support like-minded parties to save the Constitution
  • Union Ministers of Modi government hit back equally sharply on Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi:

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, while supporting the resolution for a plenary session of the AICC, said that the Congress is ready to cooperate with like-minded political parties to protect the Constitution. Making a big charge on the Modi government, Sonia Gandhi said that the central government is systematically working to eliminate the legislature, executive and judiciary by ‘misusing every power’. In an article written for the newspaper, Sonia Gandhi accused Prime Minister Modi (PM Narendra Modi) of ignoring the growing cases of hatred and violence. He wrote that especially the violence which was instigated by the leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Sonia Gandhi says that in view of these incidents of violence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not call for peace and harmony even once or did not work to restrain the criminals, let alone bring them to justice. He further said, ‘It seems that religious festivals have become an occasion to intimidate and threaten others.’ In response, Union Ministers Dharmendra Pradhan and Kiren Rijiju took a dig at Sonia Gandhi, saying that this is the highest ‘misleading’ statement of deceit, which is also a ‘classic example of Modi hatred’.

Sonia surrounded the central government on the issue of Adani and the judiciary
Talking about the Modi government’s intimidation of the media and judges and the silence of the Modi government on key issues of public importance, Sonia Gandhi said, ‘Adopting silence cannot solve India’s problems.’ Underlining Law Minister Kiren Rijiju’s statement, he said that calling retired judges traitors is actually an attempt to intimidate serving judges and incite sentiments against the judiciary. He said that PM Narendra Modi is outrightly denying the contentious issue related to the China border and the Foreign Minister’s attitude towards China on this issue is totally defeatist. Asserting that the people of India cannot and will not remain silent, Sonia Gandhi warned that the coming months are a crucial test for democracy. He said that the Modi government, facing stiff opposition from the opposition, disrupted Parliament proceedings to avoid discussion on important issues and the Adani scam. Also, showing excessive speed, a Congress MP was disqualified. Sonia said that PM Modi makes grand statements on truth and justice, but the allegations of financial fraud against her favorite businessman are ignored. Interpol withdraws notice against fugitive diamond merchant Mehul Choksi, Bilkis Bano’s convicted rapist is seen sharing the dais with BJP leaders.

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Modi government ministers hit back at Sonia Gandhi
It is obvious that the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party retaliated on Sonia Gandhi’s allegations of misuse of every power on the Narendra Modi government. Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan termed Sonia Gandhi’s remarks as a classic example of Modi hatred, misplaced priorities and exaggeration of national relevance. He said, ‘Congress is at the crossroads, not the country. The coming days are crucial, but for the grand old party which is on the brink of a political crisis. In a series of tweets, the Union minister alleged that from Rajasthan to Chhattisgarh and from Madhya Pradesh to Karnataka, the Congress must first convey its message to its organizational machinery, which is riddled with a lack of internal democracy as well as a coterie of sycophants. Reason is getting weaker. He said, ‘This is not a test of democracy, but a test of the Congress. The Congress leadership should come out of illusion and understand the ground reality. India’s democracy is flourishing. People know the intentions of PM Modi and that is why they trust him and bless him. Law Minister Kiren Rijiju tweeted, ‘Sonia Gandhi giving lectures on democracy? This is a misleading statement of the highest inappropriateness by the Congress talking about the independence of the judiciary.

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