BJP-Congress fight over Kamal Nath’s challenge of debate on religion, challenge each other

BJP and Congress on the debate on Hinduism : BJP and Congress have come face to face over Kamal Nath’s challenge to RSS and Vishwa Hindu Parishad for a debate on religion. In this matter, Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang has said that ‘I challenge Rahul Gandhi to come and talk to me’. While challenging Sarang’s challenge, Madhya Pradesh Congress state spokesperson Abhinav Barolia has given him an open challenge and asked him to debate with him first.

Let us inform that on Sunday, Kamal Nath had challenged BJP, RSS and VHP leaders and said that they should debate with Rahul Gandhi in the matter of religion and spirituality. This discussion will prove that Rahul Gandhi has more knowledge than the rest and BJP has tried to create a wrong image of him in 12 years. He said that people have understood Rahul Gandhi after Bharat Jodo Yatra and the yatra has got huge support in Madhya Pradesh.

Vishwas Sarang challenged

On the other hand, accepting this challenge of Kamal Nath, Vishwas Sarang has said that ‘I accept the challenge of Kamal Nath to debate on Hindu religion with Rahul Gandhi’. He said that ‘I openly challenge Rahul Gandhi to come and talk to me. I can argue with Rahul Gandhi. If Kamal Nath ji has given this challenge, then I accept it. Now Kamal Nath ji will have to accept this. Now Rahul Gandhi should come and debate with me on Hinduism. He said that the yatra which talks about cruel Hindu challenges the debate on Hinduism.

Congress spokesperson gave an open challenge

On the other hand, Congress state spokesperson Abhinav Barolia has come forward on this matter of Vishwas Sarang. He said that ‘the kind of bigoted things that Bharatiya Janata Party leaders and ministers and MLAs talk about is well known. Rahul Gandhi ji and Kamal Nath ji have exposed the pretense BJP has been doing in the name of Hindutva. He said that ‘I give an open challenge to Vishwas Sarang that if you want to have a debate on Hindutva, then I am in front of you. You argue with me first. In this way, after the statement of Kamal Nath, BJP and Congress are once again face to face on the issue of Hindutva.

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