Bike Robbery: Villagers thrash youth who steals bike, video goes viral. Villagers thrashed youth who stole bike, video went Viral

Neemuch News: Once again the incident of bike theft has come to light from Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh. Actually, the villagers of Jhantal have caught the bike stealing youth and handed him over to the police. Not only this, the villagers thrashed him fiercely before handing him over to the police, the video of which is going viral very fast. One youth was caught in the incident but the other four fled. Let us know what is the whole matter…

Villagers caught bike thief red handed

Actually, the case is of Jhantala in Neemuch district where the villagers caught a bike thief red-handed and beat him fiercely. Whose video has been made viral on social media. At the same time, the villagers say that strict action should be taken against such thieves. He told that till now all the bikes and motorcycles have been stolen in Singoli area, in which if strictly inquired, success can definitely be achieved. Bike stealing gang can be busted.

Others involved along with the accused

At the same time, in the interrogation of the police, it was told that other people are also involved with him, whose names are Saddam Khan, Asif Khan, Sahil Khan who are residents of Ratangarh. Along with this, the thief told that first these people steal the car, Ratangarh resident of Pintu buys it for 7 thousand rupees. Pintu buys new vehicles for 7 thousand and the rate of all the vehicles is almost same.

Kamlesh Sarda’s report from Neemuch

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