Big update on the retirement age of employees, may increase to 70 years, will get the benefit of pension-gratuity! |Big demand of employees, hike in retirement age to 70 years, increase in honorarium including gratuity pension

Employees Retirement Age : There is good news for the employees. Actually they can get the benefit of increase in retirement age. Apart from this, gratuity and honorarium are also being demanded by the employees. There is a possibility of increasing the retirement age from 65 years to 70 years. Apart from this, he can also get the benefit of 4 lakh gratuity.

In fact, the Anganwadi workers of the state are demanding an increase in graduation and retirement age along with an increase in honorarium. Employees say that their honorarium should be increased at par with the neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab and Delhi.

Apart from this, Union General Secretary Surya Bhatt said that there should be no retirement till the retirement of ICDS employees. 4 lakh gratuity and monthly pension should be given to the employees after retirement. Employees say that some states are also like this. In which the upper age limit of workers is 65 years. ICDS employees in West Bengal are given a gratuity of 4 lakhs on their retirement.

high demand for employees

The demand of the employees is that their retirement age should be increased from 65 years to 70 years by the LG administration and the benefits of gratuity and pension of Rs 4 lakh should be given to the assistants. Apart from this, ICDS workers and every scheme worker should be brought under the purview of the recently amended Minimum Wages Act in Jammu and Kashmir to give justice to poor women workers.

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