Big preparation of UGC for students, “Hons” degree will be available in 4 years! Draft ready, facility will be available. Big preparation of UGC for students Honors degree draft will be available in 4 years, facility will be available

UGC FYUP Scheme: New changes are being made day by day regarding the state of education in the country. With the approval of the National Education Policy 2020, now its suggestions have also started being implemented. New rules for undergraduate courses are being prepared by the University Grants Commission. Under FYUP, students will now be able to graduate with an “Honours” degree in 4 years instead of 3.

Opportunity for multiple entry and exit

Under the FYUP plan, students will also get the opportunity of multiple entry and exit. The new draft of 4 year undergraduate program has been prepared by the University Grants Commission for the new education policy. Students will have to study for 4 years for Honors degree. In addition to doing research projects in the fourth year, they will also be provided with multiple entry and exit options.

Announcement on Monday!

Under the new education policy, it can be announced on Monday after the draft FYUP is prepared by the University Grants Commission. Under the new provision of UGC, students who want to do 3 years graduation. They will have to obtain 120 credits while students pursuing UG Honors degree in 4 years will be required to obtain 160 credits.

Research project started

Under the new plan, students will have to start a research project for specialization. Honors degree with research specialization will be made available to the students. Under the new rule, at present, the students who graduate are being provided the degree of graduate course in 3 years.

Bridge course option

Also other students who are already studying and want to join the existing choice based credit system can extend their 3 years UG program up to 4 years. He deserves it. However, students will have to apply for a change in program through a bridge course. The university will have to give them the option of a bridge course to change the programme.

Under this new rule, all the students will be able to join their other institute, training, internship, apprenticeship etc. with a researcher in a firm, industry, faculty and laboratory. Apart from this, during the summer period, they will also be given an internship opportunity by higher educational institutions with local industry, business organization, media organization, artist, craftsman, more course related organization.

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