Big news for employees-pensioners, change in rules, notification issued, benefits of pension-gratuity will be given in this way. 6th-7th pay commission: Big news for employees pensioners, change in rules, notification issued, benefits of pension gratuity will be given in this way


Pensioners pension rule: There is important news for the employees and pensioners. On one hand, changes have been made in their pension gratuity rule. The same clarification has also been given by Doppw on the pension withdrawal rule. In the meanwhile, according to the big news, pensioners may soon see an increase in their pension.

In fact, the government has made a major change in the rules for the employees and pensioners getting the sixth and seventh pay scales. Issuing a warning by the government, it has been said that if this rule is ignored by the employee, he will be deprived of pension and gratuity after retirement.

Change in CCS Pension Rule Rule

Notification was issued in the rules applicable to central employees. In which the rules have been changed under the Central Civil Services Pension Rules 2021. In fact, making new changes in rule 8 of the CCS Pension Rules 2021, that provision has been added.

Under this provision, if central employees are found guilty of any serious crime or negligence during their service, then their gratuity and pension will be stopped after their retirement. Information about the change in the rule has been sent to the authority. Along with this, if the information of the guilty employees is received, instructions have also been given to stop their pension and gratuity. The government has become strict about this.

there will be big action

Under the ongoing rule, if the employee is guilty in any departmental judicial work, then it will be mandatory to give information about it to the concerned authorities. Apart from this, if an employee is re-appointed after retirement, then the rule will apply equally to him. If an employee is found guilty after the amount of pension and gratuity has been paid after retirement, then the full or partial amount of his pension and gratuity can be recovered.

they will get rights

The President included in the appointing authority of the retired employee will be entitled to stop his graduation and pension. Apart from this, such secretaries, who are associated with the concerned ministry department at the time of appointment of the retired employee, have also been given the right to withhold pension and gratuity. Along with this, retired employees from the Employees Audit and Accounts Department have also been given the right to withhold pension and gratuity of officer employees.

Changes in pension withdrawal rules

Earlier, new orders have been issued by the Pensioner Pensioners Welfare Department. In which, under the new rule of pension for central employees, employees will be able to withdraw their pension only once. According to the notification issued by Doppw, if an employee withdraws a part of his basic salary, then he will not be allowed to withdraw pension again.

For this, according to the Civil Service Rule 1981, pension is not allowed to be withdrawn more than once. You can withdraw 40 percent of the total pension at one go. However, in case of pension revision of the employee, he can withdraw his dues from the account.

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