Big news for 27000 employees, 17000 rupees will be given as honorarium, the High Court gave a special decision. Good news for 27000 employees, 17000 rupees will be given as honorarium, the High Court gave a special decision

Employees Honorarium: The High Court has given an important decision for the employees. Under this, Rs 17000 has been sanctioned to them as honorarium for one session. Rs 17000 will be made available as honorarium to the instructors by the state government.

This important decision of the High Court has given a big blow to the instructors working in upper primary schools. An honorarium of Rs 17000 only for one session to the instructors has been sanctioned by the court. Along with this, the High Court has canceled the decision of a single bench to give honorarium of Rs 17000 including 9% interest to the instructors.

The government challenged the decision of the single bench

The decision on the special appeal of the state government has been given in a special judgment by a division bench of the High Court’s double bench of Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal and Justice JJ Munir. Like other states, the order to pay interest of 17000 honorarium to the instructors was given by a single bench on 3 July 2019. Which was challenged by the State Government in the High Court.

right to a session’s honorarium

The High Court while giving its verdict said that the appointment of instructors from the Project Approval Board is for one year. In such a situation, they are given the benefit of honorarium of Rs 17000 for 1 year. The High Court said that for the appointment made on contract for one session, they have the right to get honorarium for one session. However, exemption has been given to file a separate petition against the reduction of honorarium.

27000 instructors will get Rs 17000

Actually 27000 instructors are working in upper primary school in Uttar Pradesh. His honorarium was increased to Rs 17,000 in 2017 by the central government. However, this rule was not implemented by the Uttar Pradesh government. After which the demand for increasing the honorarium was made by the instructor in the High Court. On which the Single Bench of the High Court ordered the instructor to be given an honorarium of Rs 17,000. Along with this, orders were also given to pay 9% interest on 17 thousand honorarium from 2017. In which a petition was filed before the Bench by the State Government.

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