Bhopal railway passengers please note, some trains are canceled and some are changed in time

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Bhopal Train Route Change: For the coming 4 days, the movement of some trains has been changed for Bhopal railway passengers, pre non-interlocking / non-interlocking from 9 December to 12 December 2022 at Salpura, Kesoli and Chhabra Gugor stations of Kota Division of West Central Railway Work is to be done, which is necessary for doubling of Ruthiyai-Kota section line. Trains plying on this section will be affected during the work. Two trains will be completely cancelled. Two will run on partial and 4 on diverted routes.

these trains canceled

Train number 19811 Kota-Etawah Express will remain canceled till 12 December
Train number 19812 Etawah-Kota Express will remain canceled till 13 December
it will be partially canceled

Train number 11603/11604 Kota-Bina-Kota MEMU will run between Kota-Atru-Kota stations from today till December 12 and will remain partially canceled between Atru-Bina-Atru.

Route of these trains changed

From today till December 11, 2022, train number 14813/14814 Jodhpur-Bhopal-Jodhpur Express will run in both directions via Kota-Nagda-Sant Hirdaram Nagar-Bhopal route instead of existing Kota-Ruthiai-Bina-Bhopal route.
Train number 13423 Bhagalpur-Ajmer Express will depart from its originating station on December 8 and will run via Ruthiyai-Maxi-Nagda-Kota route instead of existing route Ruthiyai-Kota.
Train number 13424 Ajmer-Bhagalpur Express will depart from its originating station on December 10 and will run via Kota-Nagda-Maksi-Ruthiya route instead of existing Kota-Ruthiya route.

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