Bhopal News: Youths were seen clashing with jam at 1.30 am, residents complained. Youth were seen clashing with jam in Bhopal at 1.30 am, residents complained

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Bhopal News: Young men and women were seen clashing with jam till late night in the area near the capital Bhopal. It is being told that in Chunabhatti area of ​​Bhopal, the noise and loud music being played made the residents of the nearby areas very upset. After which someone complained to the police. When the police reached the spot, young men and women were seen bumping into each other. This party was being held at Hotel Batam Bar at around 1.30 am.

For this, along with the hotel operator, four other employees have been made accused. According to information, the youth were celebrating a birthday party at Batam Bar. In such a situation, the residents of the surrounding got upset due to the loud sound and noise. When the residents informed the police, the police reached the spot and got the party stopped immediately. Police officials have told that they will write a letter to the administrative officer to cancel the license of this hotel.


TI Gyan Singh of Chunabhatti police station has told that the Batam bar of Bhopal remains open till late night. Here the youth were gathering and partying. Simultaneously, the liquor party was also going on. In such a situation, the police on night patrol raided the bar. 50 people were present in the bottom bar. The cake was also kept on the table. People were dancing on DJ and also drinking alcohol. Seeing such an atmosphere, the police immediately stopped the party and took the people to the police station. Along with this people were investigated. Only after this action was taken against the hotel operator and the employees.

Police made these people accused –

Along with hotel manager Abdul Jalil, employees Vinod Dongre, Anil, Harshit Dharwal and Rahul Kumar have been made accused.

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