Bhopal News: Dengue havoc is not stopping in Bairagarh, so far 4 people have died. Dengue wreaks havoc in Bairagarh, 4 people have died so far

Bhopal News: Dengue outbreak is increasing day by day in Bairagarh of capital Bhopal. Please tell that in the last one month, 4 people have died due to dengue. In these deaths, two lamps of the same house have been extinguished. Here, the team has found the larvae of Degu in several colonies including One Tree Hills and CRP of Bairagarh. In fact, due to the shortage of plates, the residents of the suburbs have become victims of this disease, due to which many people are reaching private doctors’ clinics for treatment. Here the condition of cleanliness is also bad in Sant Nagar, there is contaminated water everywhere, neither medicine is being sprayed nor cleanliness is being done here.

Bhopal News: Dengue havoc is not stopping in Bairagarh, so far 4 people have died

Two children of a house lost their lives

In the Rajput family living on One Tree Hills of Bairagarh, another youth has also died on Tuesday. Let us inform that earlier in the Rajput family, an elder brother Rajeev died on Friday. At the same time, after Rajeev, his younger brother Tarun also died on Tuesday. Whose treatment was going on in AIIMS hospital but the doctors could not save him and before this Pradeep Motiani, former resident of One Tree Hill Road of Bairagarh also died due to dengue disease. People in Sant Nagar are in panic due to the continuous deaths due to Dengue. Due to this, the concern of the administration and health department has also increased.

larva found here

Dengue larvae have also been found in the CRP area of ​​the suburb during the investigation, it seems that dengue is still spread in the CRP area. Under the leadership of health officer Ravikant Pradhikaran, all the houses in the CRP were examined and action was taken by spotting dengue malaria larvae in three houses. The houses where larvae have been found include Kishore Sadhwani, Kamlesh, Pankaj Gurjar, whose challans have been made. At the same time, after checking the tanks in the entire area, medicine was sprayed.

preventive measures

Let us tell you that dengue mosquito breeds in frozen water, so take special care of all cleanliness and do not let water accumulate anywhere. Keep the water tanks kept on the roofs completely covered. Often we keep water in the open, due to which Dengue mosquitoes thrive in the same water.

Ravi Nathani’s report from Bhopal

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