Bhopal News: A speeding bus hit a car in Bairagarh, 4 people were injured. A speeding bus hit a car in Bairagarh, 4 people were injured

Bhopal News: In the capital Bhopal (Bairgarh), the havoc of speeding is not taking the name of stopping. Every day vehicles collide here. Due to which people are always in danger of life. In this episode, once again the family going to Sehore by car fell victim to a road accident, in which the husband-wife and their two children were badly injured. Those who have been admitted to the district hospital by the local people with the help of the police, where their treatment is going on. Jai Shevani and his wife have been taken to Chirayu Hospital in Bairagarh in the incident. Where his treatment continues. At present, the police is engaged in the investigation of the case.

Bhopal News: A speeding bus hit a car in Bairagarh, 4 people were injured

bus hit

According to the information received, Jai Shevani, a resident of Bairagarh, who owns a shoe shop, was going to the Ganesh temple in Sehore along with his family, wife Pinky Shevani, daughter Anshika and younger daughter Naira. That’s why he had parked his car on one side of the highway for some work. After which car number MP 04 CN 5741 was hit from behind by red bus number MP 04 PA 4287 running from Bhauri to Mandideep, injuring all four people. At the same time, the witnesses said that the bus driver was at fault in the whole incident.

Terror of red buses increased

Tell that the terror of red buses has increased in the area because the drivers do not understand the need to remove the foot from the accelerator. Even on the main road of Bairagarh, these buses do not delay in running blindly in the BRTS corridor. Many a times these bus drivers have hit and injured the elderly and two wheeler drivers crossing the road. Traffic police and RTO are also proving incapable of controlling the speed of these buses.

Ravi Nathani’s report from Bhopal

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