Benefits of government schemes being taken on the basis of fake documents, know the whole matter. Not much news benefits of government schemes being taken on the basis of fake documents. neemuch news

Neemuch Fake Documents News : Apart from being disabled, a resident of Bhadwa Mata of Neemuch district, a case has come to the fore of availing benefits of government schemes in two districts on the basis of fake documents.

this is the case

Complainant Rameshwar father Banshilal Joshi resident village Barkhedi Piplod said that Nageshwar Joshi father Radheshyam Joshi resident Bhadwa Mata Hall Mukam Barkhedi Tehsil Piploda who being a permanent resident of Bhadwa Mata of Neemuch district, false and fake information was spread by him in village Barkhedi of Janpad Panchayat Piploda. By making ID member ID, Samagra family ID and member ID have also been made in District Panchayat Neemuch. By Nageshwar Joshi being a single member, the registration of Samagra ID in different districts has been made by giving false information and fake information, as well as through the said Samagra ID. Disabled pension is also being received from District Panchayat Neemuch and District Panchayat Piploda, along with invaluable schemes of the government, the scheme of the government itself is being misused without getting benefits to the needy person.

Neemuch News: Benefits of government schemes being taken on the basis of fake documents, know the whole matter

Tell that the complaint application was submitted by the complainant to the concerned officers including the Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Neemuch on 23 May 2022, but no proper action could be taken till date, regarding which the complaint has been filed again on Wednesday. Complaint by the complainant In the application, it has also been said that the employees and officers of District Panchayat Neemuch are involved in this scam. In the memorandum by the complainant, it was told that along with the disabled pension by Nageshwar Joshi, other government’s invaluable schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and BPL ration card are also there. Government schemes are being misused by getting them constructed at two places.

accuse like this

The complaint of the said case was also made in Janpad Panchayat Piploda, on which the investigator PCO Surendra Singh Mathur has clarified the fraud and 420 in the documents submitted by Nageshwar Joshi in his Panch Nama. In the complaint application by the complainant, it has been demanded that the original documents of the culprit who misused the schemes of the government by Nageshwar Joshi and misused the facilities provided by the government by presenting different documents from two places, should be investigated and qualified against him. And appropriate action should be taken so that the eligible beneficiaries can get the benefit of the schemes of the government.
Kamlesh Sarada’s report from Neemuch

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