Before the new year, the Modi government gave a gift to the consumers, a new portal was launched, take advantage of this

Right To RepairMany rules are going to change from next year. Some schemes and facilities are also being started by the Central Government. Meanwhile, on the occasion of National Consumer Day, a new portal named “Right To Repair” has been launched by Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal. This will help the customers of the country to repair their products and will not have to depend on the companies.

take advantage like this

Information about the products of all the companies will be available to the green customers of this portal. Not only this, information about their repair, rate and availability will also be found here. Details of electronics, vehicles, farm equipment and consumer durables will be available at one point address only. For this one has to go to address. Consumers can also register their complaints by visiting this address and can also request for repair. Due to this, companies will not be able to refuse for repairing. Its scope includes everything from electronic gadgets to furniture.

This facility also started

The Central Government has also introduced NTF Mobile App. The new premises of a National Consumer Helpline Center have also been inaugurated. On this special occasion, Goyal also said that the burden of consumer affairs may end soon. As per the vision of PM Narendra Modi, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is working to make life easier for the consumer and make business even easier.

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