Before CM’s visit to Chhindwara, MP Nakulnath attacked the government on Twitter, raised these problems


Chhindwara, MP Nakulnath’s letter : Just before Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s visit to Chhindwara on Friday, MP Nakulnath made 8 tweets one after the other. In this, he mentioned many problems including farmers, laborers, students and demanded from the Chief Minister that these problems should be resolved at the earliest.
The Chief Minister reached Chhindwara on Friday and made several announcements for the development of Chhindwara. But just before that, Chhindwara MP Nakul Nath made several demands to the Chief Minister on Twitter. Nakul Nath wrote to the Chief Minister, “Chief Minister, you are welcome in Chhindwara. I would like to draw your attention to some important issues.

this is the issue

1) The Congress government had sanctioned Rs 1455 crore for Chhindwara Super Specialty Hospital (2000 beds). By reducing which the BJP government..600 beds) cost was reduced to about 600 crores. After that that fund was also stopped and now the cost of the same stopped project has increased to 766.22 crores. The hospital which was to be built in 2020-2021 to start for the treatment of the people, till date is only being gifted with announcements, its ground floor too… till date could not be ready?? What kind of development is this?? Who is responsible for the people who are suffering from serious diseases and are not able to get treatment in private hospitals?

2) Why the funds for construction of approved Horticulture College, Agriculture College and stalled University in Chhindwara have not been given to the district till date and what about the future of those students who are deprived of studies due to these stalled works??
3) Due to excessive rains, the maize crop of the farmers of Chhindwara district was either destroyed or the farmers got less than half of the average yield. To say the Chief Minister, the Agriculture Minister is the minister in charge of Chhindwara, but neither he nor you have taken care of the farmers of Chhindwara.… After all, who will take the responsibility of compensating the loss of those farmers??
4) Today, farmers are standing in queues for fertilizers in the district in the cold. In Chaurai Chand area, electricity is being given to the farmers in the night shift. Where there is a danger of wild animals due to being close to Pench National Park. Along with this, the farmer is troubled by the extreme cold, why the discrimination against the farmers?
5) The works of hundreds of approved transformers and new power lines are pending due to lack of budget, after all who is guilty of those innocent farmers???
6) Orange farmers in Sausar assembly constituency do not have a fair price for their crop, why the state government has no plan on that?? Who is responsible for the loss of those farmers??
7) No new mines are being started in Parasia assembly constituency, on the contrary, the previously operated mines are being closed. After all, why discrimination with Chhindwara??
8) Beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in Chhindwara are worried about not getting the installment on time. There is no new housing DPR in Chhindwara, why discrimination with the district?
Respected Chief Minister, the list is very long, I humbly request you to allocate funds immediately for the development works of the previously approved district, away from political malice, so that works of public interest can be started.

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