Beauty Tips: Aishwarya’s beauty is your dream too? So these 7 foods are the secret. Aishwarya beauty is your dream too? So these 7 foods are the secret

aishwarya rai beauty tips

Aishwarya Rai Beauty Tips: Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai looks very beautiful and young even in 49 years. Everyone dreams of looking like him. Because no one can guess his age by looking at his face. She still looks very beautiful like her Miss India days. After all, what is the secret of her beauty, let’s know.

Let me tell you, Aishwarya Rai had told during an interview that she uses fruits to eat and to apply on the face, which are protein-rich, in which nutrients are found in abundance and which increases the glow. She uses those things. If you also want to look beautiful and young like Aishwarya, then you should also use these 5 foods mentioned by her. With this, the beauty of the face will increase, as well as it will start looking young.

Here are those 5 foods –


Everyday actress Aishwarya Rai uses curd in her diet. Protein is found in plenty in curd. Its use reduces the aging visible on the face. Apart from this, applying curd on the face also removes dead skin cells. That’s why it should be used regularly. Also, definitely include it in your diet.


Cucumber has been considered very beneficial for health as well as skin. Cucumbers are rich in nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants. It helps in unclogging the pores of the face. Using cucumber removes excess oil and dryness from the skin. The special thing is that it keeps the body hydrated. Which gives natural glow to the skin.


Turmeric has abundant anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Which helps to act like an antiseptic. It helps in removing dark spots and spots on the skin of the face. Also removes dark circles, fine lines and dark spots.


Milk is used as a cleanser. It removes dead skin cells of the face. Let me tell you, lactic acid is found in milk, it works to revive the collagen formation of the face. Also prevents the effect of age from appearing on the skin. Milk is also considered a moisturizer.


Honey also works to moisturize the skin. By using this, the ROM pores are cleaned as well as the skin is also exfoliated. Apart from this, the glow of the skin increases manifold by its use.

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