Bank Holiday: Get the important work done quickly, today from 27th November to 19th December, banks will be closed for so many days, see list. December Bank Holiday: Banks will remain closed for 9 days between 27 November to 19 December, banking related work will be affected, see list

bank holidays in December 2022

Bank Holidays In December 2022 : There is useful news for bank users. If there is any work related to the bank, then settle it as soon as possible, because today the banks are going to remain closed for 7 days between 27th November Sunday and 19th December (December Bank Holiday 2022). These holidays include holidays on every Sunday and every second and fourth Saturday as well as other holidays.

The news of relief is that online transaction services Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, Internet Banking (Online Transfer) services will continue, but the work of checkbook-passbook may be affected. You can also do your work through Net Banking, ATM, Digital Payment.

RBI issues list

Tell that the list of holidays for banks is not the same in all states, according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the list of holidays for all states is different. A complete list of these holidays is given on the official website of RBI, in which the complete details of different festivals and holidays are given according to the states.

December Bank Holiday 2022

  • December 3 – Saturday – St. Xavier’s Feast – Banks closed in Goa.
  • December 4 – Sunday – Bank closed – all over the country.
  • December 10 – Saturday – Second Saturday – Banks will remain closed across the country.
  • December 11 – Sunday – Holiday – Bank closed across the country.
  • December 12 – Monday – Pa-Tagan Nengminja Sangam – Bank closed in Meghalaya.
  • December 18 – Sunday – Holiday – Bank closed across the country.
  • December 19 – Monday – Goa Liberation Day – Bank closed in Goa.

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