Baba Vanga Prediction for 2023: Baba Vanga has made these predictions for 2023, there may be destruction

Baba Vanga Prediction for 2023: Baba Venga of Bulgaria is famous for his predictions. Born on October 3, 1911, Baba Venga’s real name was Vangelia Pandeva Gushtarova. He lost his sight at the age of 12 and lived in the Rupite region of the Kozuh Mountains in Bulgaria. It is said that 85 percent of the predictions made by him have come true. Although many claims turned out to be wrong, but his words are considered all over the world. Baba Venga died in 1996 but before that he had predicted till the year 5079. According to him, the world will end in the year 5079. Now the new year is about to come and Baba Venga has said many things for the year 2023 as well.

Prediction for 2023

He has said that in view of the progress and change of science, in 2023 children will start developing in laboratories. The traditional way of childbirth would change and parents would decide the skin color and physical characteristics of their children. One of the big predictions is that the earth can change its course. The Earth revolving around the Sun covers a distance of 584 million miles every year. If this happens then it will be a big astronomical event and its serious consequences can be seen. He has also predicted an alien attack and has said that powers from some other planet can attack, which can have serious consequences.

Baba Venga has said that there could be a bioweapon test by a big country and it could result in thousands of deaths. Along with this, a devastating solar storm has also been said which can cause destruction. Solar storm refers to the energy explosion coming out of the Sun, which can cause many dangerous radiations on the Earth. Baba Venga has said that 2023 can be dark and tragic and this year there can be a nuclear attack.

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